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When it comes to selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit, it is important to get good advice to ensure you get the most cash for your gold.

Here are some questions and topics to consider when looking to sell your gold for cash.

Should I want my gold weighed in pennywheight or grams?
Ask a reputable jeweler to convert it to price per gram or be ready to make the conversion yourself (1 pennyweight equals about 1.555 grams).  Gold buyers who provide quotes over the phone will sometimes give you the quote in pennyweights instead of grams, so that it sounds like they pay you more money than the competition. This is a popular trick. Be prepared to ask them what weight they’re using in their quote. Selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow this rule.
I have all kinds of different gold jewelry. How can I tell which is worth more than the others?
The most important factor in determining the worth of gold in jewelry is the quality of the gold, which is determined by its purity. Gold comes in different karatage, and the higher the karat, the more valuable it is. When you’re selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit, be sure the jeweler tests the gold right in front of you, and pays you accordingly.
What if I don't know exactly what I have?
It all comes down to reputation. You’ll need to do a little homework to find the most reputable place when selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit. When you find a place that has been in the same community for decades instead of weeks, start a conversation and show your jewelry. Keep in mind that an average gold buyer with limited experience in the jewelry business may not recognize some designer or estate jewelry that might be worth 5-10 times worth its weight. Only an experience gold buyer with a certified gemologist on staff can pay you fair market value.

Other Fast Facts About Selling Your Gold In Metro Detroit:

Read the Fine Print

If you choose to send your jewelry somewhere you’ve seen on television or on the internet, understand that what you see is most likely too good to be true. They may offer free shipping to send gold in, but they will charge you very high shipping rates to send it back. Some places may even not even be insured to cover any jewelry that ends up missing. This can make selling gold in Metro Detroit look like a better alternative, but as always, read the fine print everywhere, including your neighborhood jewelry store.

A jewelry store with a good reputation and that’s been in the business in the same place for decades is always a smarter move than the mail. An onsite, certified gemologist onsite is a good sign of an store’s reputation. If you’re selling gold in Metro Detroit, look around the area and find a place to visit before you choose to mail your jewelry, and risk losing everything.

Get Advice From Experts

No matter where you decide to go, be sure a certified gemologist estimates the value of your jewelry. That way, you’ll have have a price in mind before you check out other offers. It’s very important to learn as much as you can about selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit so that rip-off artists can’t pull the wool over your eyes. Be ready to have a conversation instead of them telling you what you have.

If you’re selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit, there are many gold buying businesses that can help you. One place to look at is ACE Diamond Jewelers, where an expert will be happy to help you tell you what you have to make sure you get the best value for your gold, wherever you decide to go. They will give you an estimate for free and provide you options to get the most value when you’re selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit.

Large Transactions Have a Certain Set of Criteria

When you have a lot to sell at once, selling gold jewelry in Metro Detroit becomes a little more complicated. Small jewelry stores can’t usually handle a large transaction, and they won’t be able to pay you all at once. And trusting the mail with a large transaction is silly. Call ahead to make sure a buyer can handle a large purchase onsite in privacy.

 If you have any questions regarding a large gold sale, contact the companies you plan to visit before you go to the location to make sure they have the cash on hand and will provide you with a private room to get the deal done.